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Formed in 2018, Coppell Amateur Radio Enthusiasts is working towards:

  • Education: Providing a forum for hams to come together to ask questions and learn through Elmering and working with local groups and schools to help potential hams learn about the hobby.
  • Communications: Working with local organizations to provide communications and assistance during events and times of need, such as during parades, celebrations, and other community gatherings that bring in large crowds.
  • Exploration: Providing opportunities for amateur radio operators to meet off the air to talk about the hobby, such as radio setups, challenges when operating amateur radio gear, and projects.
  • EmComm: Establishing an Emergency Communications (EmComm) group to provide communications within the City of Coppell in times of extraordinary need.

This wiki is designed to help amateur radio operators in the Coppell and surrounding areas share knowledge and foster growth in our hobby, both for personal enjoyment, and for serving in times of need.